Monday, 8 December 2014

The one crucial characteristic of the ideal vibration machine

The best vibration machine is the one that’s able to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, and that keeps you motivated to exercise, in the long-run. There are lots of companies out there who claim that theirs is the ideal vibration machine, but in order for such a device to really provide significant results, a couple of technical characteristics have to be present. 

We’ll start with the gravitational force, as this is the most important parameter for a WBV platform, and it’s been proven by numerous studies that the best vibration machine workouts are the ones that are performed at a G-force of at least 5G. 

This value may not seem like a lot but if you understand what G-force is, you’ll quickly realize that in fact 5G is a big load for your bones, muscles, blood vessels and entire body. 5G means that the machine increases the gravity 5 times when you exercise on it, and it’s the same with wearing a costume that weighs 5 times your body weight. Impressive, right? 

Now the problem is that lots of the machines you’ll find on the market, marketed as the “best vibration machine”, can only provide 1-2 G of gravitational force, and it’s been shown that reducing the value of this force to less than 5G significantly reduces its positive effects. So if you really are willing to invest in the ideal vibration machine, you need to find a device that is able to provide more stimulation.

The importance of G-force

Why is it so important for the gravitational force to be higher? Because the human body, when working against gravity, develops strength, the blood and lymph circulation are activated, bones get stronger and overall the body performs better. When there’s no gravity, like in space for example, or when one spends prolonged periods of time in bed, the organism is strongly affected. 

The lack of gravity leads to loss of bone mass, to muscle loss and weakness, can affect one’s balance, affects circulation and decreases one’s quality of life. So the purpose of the best vibration machine out there should be to increase gravity and provide enough stimulation for a thorough workout, able to counteract the negative impact of sedentariness. 

Since lots of us have sedentary jobs, it’s crucial to expose our body to gravity as often as possible. Ideally, we should exercise more, walk more, spend more time standing instead of sitting, but this is often challenging due to the nature of our jobs. So here’s where a WBV platform comes into play: the ideal vibration machine helps us maintain good health by allowing us to work out in ahypergravity environment for a couple of minutes per day.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Why all offices should own a whole body vibration machine

People with sedentary jobs who spend 8 hours per day sitting are more prone to chronic diseases, but the health hazards associated with prolonged sitting can be reversed through daily exercises.

Whole body vibration training is able to reverse the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle and to enhance one’s overall health and mood, so if you own a company and are interested in your employees’ wellbeing, you should consider investing in a professional body vibration machine. 


Sitting has damaging effects on the body

Despite the increasing number of gyms and gym goers, obesity continues to be a serious problem in today’s society, one of the culprits behind this issue being the lack of physical activity and the sedentary nature of our jobs.

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, stroke, muscle weakness, nerve damage caused by a poor posture and depression triggered by increased stress levels are more likely to occur in people who practice no form of physical activity or spend most of their time sitting.

The human body was designed to interact with the gravitational force and to perform its daily activities while standing, however today most of our tasks are performed from a comfortable office chair. The lack of exposure to gravity weakens the muscles and bones, impairs circulation, favors the retention of fluids in legs and makes one more prone to back pain and spine deformities.

Reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle with whole body vibration

Although classical strength and cardio exercises can minimize the effects of prolonged sitting and reverse some of these health issues, such activities require at least 1 free hour per day, for significant results. Whole body vibration training on the other hand can provide the same benefits like strength training, but requires less than 15 minutes per day.

A body vibration machine sends energy waves through the body and forces the muscles to contract, this action stimulating the blood and lymph circulation, strengthening the bones and improving the lubrication and flexibility of joints.

When exercises on a whole body vibration training, the load on muscles and bones increases, as the machine mimics the action of the gravitational force on the human organism. Depending on the chosen amplitude and frequency, the load can be lower or higher, and can go from 1G of gravitational force to more than 15G.

This means that a body vibration machine can work the muscles in a more efficient way and in a shorter time, so your employees can train before starting the work, during the lunch break or before going home, to relieve the tension from their body, reduce stress and enhance their energy levels and mood.

Friday, 8 August 2014

How to tell vibration machine scams from real deals

They seem to be everywhere lately, so you surely saw them in fitness expos, TV shows or online commercials: vibration machines are back in the spotlight and they seem to be here to stay. If you’re not familiar with their functioning or didn’t have the chance to try a top quality vibration machine, you might think they’re nothing more than gimmicks built by smart people that want to get rich by taking advantage of less informed ones.

I too thought that these platforms are scams, until I had the chance to test a vibration machine while visiting a relative. I was making fun of this form of training – I mean, how could some vibration machines replace strength training, when you don’t even lift anything while standing there? Well here’s the trick and this is exactly what makes these platforms work: instead of lifting, you allow the vibrations sent by the machines to move up through your body, and this mimics an increased gravity force.

Let me explain it in simpler words, for you to understand how and why this technology actually works. Then I’ll give you some tips for differentiating real deals from scams.

How a whole body vibration machine works

A high quality WBV platforms stimulates your muscles by increasing the gravitational load on your body. Energy waves sent through the body activate certain reflexes and make muscles contract and relax faster than they normally do, the effect being similar to that created by strength training. Still, when working on a vibration machine at higher frequencies and amplitudes, your body tends to lose balance, and thus the brain – who constantly monitors your position – will increase the muscle activation to stabilize the posture and prevent falls.

The intensity of energy pulses sent by the platform determines the strength of muscle contractions, which warm up quickly and are stimulated to lengthen and shorten back. These rhythmic muscle contractions not only work the fibers and strengthen the muscles, but also mobilize the joints and increase circulation, causing a warming effect both in the muscles and joints.

So what WBV platforms do is to stimulate muscles and other reflexes by increasing gravitational load, and to mobilize joints and muscles while causing them to warm up faster. The excessive movement that’s caused by the moving platform makes the brain work harder to maintain proper posture, so even if it seems that you’re only training the muscles when standing on a vibration machine, in fact you’re also improving your posture, balance and flexibility.

Common characteristic of scam vibration machines

Unfortunately, as with any other piece of fitness equipment, prices and quality for vibration machines varies a lot. You will find such platforms on the market for fees varying from a few hundred dollars, but these are surely not a good deal, because they’re not able to provide enough stimulation for your muscles.

In a vibration machine, it’s not only the frequency that matters, but also the amplitude and G-force, as these ensure an increased load on the muscles and a more effective workout. You therefore need to find the proper combination of power and feature, and to choose a machine that can provide a G-force of at least 10G’s, and a frequency of at least 20Hz. Not all machines have these features – in fact, the more affordable ones barely reach 3-4G’s, despite going up to 30Hz or so. This does ensure a faster movement of the platform, but your body doesn’t get the most of the training session, as studies have showed that reducing the G-force to 5G’s or less reduces the effectiveness of training by 70% or even more.

Now you understand why some vibration machines are nothing but massage devices, or scams, if they’re marketed as fitness tools. A vibration machine that provides only 5G’s is a good tool for massage and relaxation, but won’t train your muscles efficiently, and won’t help you achieve impressive fitness goals, simply because it doesn’t have the technical characteristics for doing so.

Make sure you choose a high quality WBV platform if you want to improve your body composition, circulation and balance with this form of training.